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Spoken Exhibition is a joint project of twin brothers, Karel Havlicek and MAXIM.

It is a multi-sensory exhibition of music, sound, light animation, video mapping, and paintings, all presented in a comprehensive format expressing their vision of the universe.


It is a wordless confession of the two brothers' forever intertwined lives. It uses the universal language of music and imagery that does not need a translation. It's here to be experienced.



Spoken is Karel's latest album of modern classical music. It was born from three years of continuous work and spending time between Los Angels and Prague. It was then released in Los Angeles at Seraph Music label in the summer of 2020. It offers 17 tracks that work together as one phase of his life. Karel then asked his brother MAXIM to create the visual side of the album, starting with the name itself, the logo, the album cover, and various custom-designed fashion articles. The final piece of this project is their multi-sensory traveling art exhibition. 

There will be a series of live performances where Karel will play specific compositions from Spoken on a grand piano staged amid the animated projections.



Maxim has created four large-scale animated paintings to bring the world of Spoken into life. Karel's custom-made SFXs accompany the animation to bring the viewer even deeper into their vision of the Spoken universe.

In addition to the animated paintings and the remarkable series of new canvas paintings, a short-throw projector will animate video mapping onto a custom-made space suit specially made for Spoken's single Above Ground music video.



MAXIM created a unique series of large format canvas paintings displayed on the perimeter walls. They will encapsulate the center of the animated Spoken world with its moving features, the spacesuit, and the grand piano. The paintings will be for sale along with various Spoken merchandise displayed at the entrance/exit.



Karel Havlíček

Karel Havlíček is a Czech music composer and multi-instrumentalist. Based in Prague and Los Angeles. He is MAXIM's twin brother.


In recent years, as a musician and author, Karel has mainly focused on writing music for television series and film. His work has appeared in HBO Europe (tv series Mamon and Therapy) as well as the Czech Television series (Vzteklina - Rabies).  He is also the composer of the original soundtrack for the award-winning feature documentary Lion Ark. Over the years, Karel has written music for many foreign and Czech commercials, as well as created sound designs for television news, theatre performances, and charity spots. As a keyboard player, he played in the leading indie band Southpaw, with which they released six albums (2001 - 2009).


The solo album Spoken is the result of the most profound thoughts, emotions, and stories, reflecting Karel's life and experiences from two completely different parts of the world. It further depicts a deep connection he has with his twin Maxim, who has been living in L.A. for the last 20 years and as a painter, has also inspired Karel's music in some ways. Thanks to the bond and artistic intertwine they share, Karel has learned the nuances of communication between music and visual art which helped him develop his musical journey. Although Karel has many years of experience as a composer in film and television series production, this is his debut solo album. After all, film music composition is very present on his first solo album. With its melody and character, it can resemble the compositional works of Max Richter, Ólafur Arnalds, or Federico Albanese. The piano is Karel's primary instrument of expression. Strings and sensitively embedded wind instruments accompany it. Spoken offers 17 songs that work together as one phase of his life.


MAXIM (full name Maxim Havlíček) is a Czech/American visual artist. He lives in Los Angeles. He is Karel's twin brother.

MAXIM uses mixed media applied on linen, canvas, paper, and other media. Ranging from acrylic paints, oil paints, oil sticks, oil pastels, charcoals, ink, spray paints, and other various materials, he implements different and experimental techniques to give his art a unique form. He also experiments with a digital application of his art using animation, sound, and light projections.


MAXIM creates contemporary art that encapsulates his vision of one’s quest for finding the ultimate truth and all the obstacles and arguments one would have to endure on such a journey. Myths against facts, religions against science, primordial versus modern, and most of all, the conception and meaning of the one constant that defines and limits us all the same - time.


In recent years, MAXIM has exhibited his latest work worldwide, namely in Los Angeles, New Your City, Prague, Czech Republic, and Dublin, Ireland. He is currently preparing two upcoming solo shows, one in Mexico City, Mexico, in 2021 and one in Sydney, Australia, in 2022. 



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